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Telus' BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8230 gets a plan and pricing, rumor-style


Our friend (and oft correct) RileyFreeman over at HowardForums tipped us off that Telus' BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8230 is pimping and pruning its pricing prior to launch. Word has it that this flippy debutante will be priced at $100 on a 3-year contract, and $500 completely off-contract. Other info mentions that Telus has prepped a special plan just for this pink or black set, running at $32.50 it'll include 200 minutes, evenings and weekends after 6 P.M, 3 months free local calling, and unlimited mail and instant messaging. Of course, with Bell's launch of the same set at $29 on a three-year today -- and competition with its own BlackBerry Curve 8830 at the same price point -- we suspect Telus may want to rethink a tad -- if indeed, this proves true -- before they open the floodgates wide.

[Thanks, RileyFreeman and agent_whitevan]

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