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Sensio secures key US patent for its 3D technology

Darren Murph

Sensio sure is racking up the support of late, first being deemed an official (albeit optional) 3D standard by the DVD Forum, and now nabbing a crucial US patent on its way to three-dee domination. The patent reportedly covers the distribution and formatting technology of stereoscopic contents on different 2D or 3D screens, which is a method that the company has developed and marketed for years. Nicholas Routhier, the company's president and CEO, proudly noted that "with this patent in hand and the recently announced developments, we believe that we have significantly increased our chances to become the 3D distribution standard for the consumer market." Of course, Panasonic would likely love to argue that very point, so we'd go ahead and get prepared for yet another format war just in case these two really do drop the gloves.

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