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A chat with the architect of City of Heroes Issue 14

If you're anything like we are, the goodies coming in City of Heroes upcoming Issue 14: Architect have you pretty excited. Sure, opening up player-built content means someone will likely try to cobble together a flying penis in there somewhere (not that we'll likely ever see it, mind) but you have to take the bad with the good. After all, the refinements that are helping I14 become reality are the same ones that have brought other improvements like the ones for SG/VG bases.

The folks over at Ten Ton Hammer got the chance to sit down and talk with Joe Morrissey, Senior Designer for City of Heroes. He explained some of the things we can expect with Architect, how the project fits in with the lore, and touched on some of the other things we've already heard in the hour-long audio clip we brought you earlier. Overall, though it's definitely an interesting teaser of what we can look forward to when I14 drops later this month!

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