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Guerrilla fixing Killzone 2 bugs, looking into control complaints

Majed Athab

Despite being intentionally designed as a "weighty, slower, more tactical first person experience," Killzone 2 is taking some flak for its sluggish controls. Producer Seb Downie had previously stated that "no changes [were] required to the system" with regards to last month's demo, but now that the final game is out, Guerrilla Games is changing its tune. Included in an official list of things to be patched, Downie notes that controller issues are being looked into: "Any possible changes will have to be carefully implemented and tested before being deployed though." This is a stark contrast in tone whereas the previous message implied that Guerilla would not alter anything -- they just might do something now.

As for the things that will definitely be patched, Guerilla has revealed it's working on bot solutions, network issues and other problems. Check after the break for the full list of fixes.

Taken directly from Official PlayStation Forums:

  • Boost -- We've identified and fixed the bug to do with the boost medal not being awarded. It will go into a patch we are working on at present, but there is a workaround in the mean time to get it. Simply ensure that you are the Game Creator rather than client and you'll be awarded it.
  • Network Errors/Honor Ranks -- We are also looking at fixing a good bunch of the network errors and are looking into the complaints about the Honor Ranks as well as a couple of other bits and pieces. We'll provide a list of fixes when we are close to releasing the patch.
  • Bots -- We're working on a permanent solution for the bots stat padding and have some internal solutions that we're going to work on implementing. We'll let you know what those are when we've got the patch together and the solution implemented. We will NOT be wiping ALL stats and padders will be looked at individually by the moderators.
  • -- is being sorted out today to deal with the massive traffic it's been facing and hope to have some long-term solutions in place shortly. The stats are currently empty on the site and will be repopulated today.
  • Controller Issues -- We have not stopped looking into the complaints and will see what we can do about it. Any possible changes will have to be carefully implemented and tested before being deployed though.
  • Charge disarming -- We have identified the issue where sometimes the C4 charge in Search and Destroy will not disarm. Will be fixed with the next update.
  • Shotgun Aim Assist -- Investigating the problem and will patch it up.
  • Clan Games -- Sometimes the clan that does not turn up for a match is awarded the win under specific circumstances. Will be patched ASAP.
  • Battle Replay for Map 8 - Corinth Crossing -- The BR on is not quite right and will be fixed soon.
  • Ignore list -- Was found not to be functioning correctly. Will be fixed in the next patch.
  • Crashes -- Crash when using Saboteur disguise in certain situations. Will be fixed in the next patch. Infrequent crash when trying to start a game with an empty game name. Will be fixed soon.
  • Medic/Assassination -- There is an issue with the Assassination target HUD icon displaying when playing as a Medic. Investigating and will be fixed.

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