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iPhone It In: Zen Bound

Justin McElroy

Within moments of starting Zen Bound, I was completely embarrassed we hadn't yet featured it on "iPhone It In." No discussion of the iPhone as a platform that omits this soothing, beautiful puzzle game can really call itself complete. Hell, in terms of making use of the iPhone's specific strengths, Zen Bound is the discussion.

It is, as developer Secret Exit says simply in its iTunes Store description, a game about wrapping wooden sculptures with rope.

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After you've used the touch screen to turn the scupture and cover more than 75 percent of it with a taut string, you can try again to cover more of it or do the job more efficiently, but that's really not the point. In fact, I almost hesitate to call this a "game," as there's not necessarily a challenge to overcome. I think the more accurate description would be "exercise."

Nomenclature aside, whether this is an exercise or game, it's a beautifully rendered one, with simple, lovely graphics and a sparse, hypnotic score. From the presentation to the gameplay, this is, true to its name, a tranquil, meditative experience.

I honestly can't do enough to recommend Zen Bound to you. If you've looked for the game that will justify your purchase of an iPhone or you need an easy way to unwind on the go, this little gem is it.

Zen Bound, $4.99: Zen Bound?

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