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Kaleidescape still on track to deliver a pricey Blu-ray player this year

Steven Kim

Apparently unfazed by the fact that its target demographic openly disses the Blu-ray format, Kaleidescape is moving ahead with plans to deliver a Blu-ray player by the end of 2009, says the company CEO. We always suspected claims that the Mini Player's DVD upscaling "rivals Blu-ray" was a bit of a reach, even given the $3,000 price. Sadly, when the "doesn't have to rival Blu-ray, because it is Blu-ray" deck comes out, though, the ripped-for-whole-home-use joy you might expect from Kaleidescape will have to wait -- on deck for initial delivery is CD and DVD importing, but Blu-ray discs will be playback only for now (with Kaleidescape remaining "optimistic" that Blu-ray import gets support somewhere down the road). Then again, it's probably safe to assume that if you can afford to get into a Kaleidescape setup, you can afford a few extra copies of every title to sprinkle around the compound.

[Via Format War Central]

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