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Navigon announces Rand McNally-powered 4300T max and 7300T nav units, less awesome 3300 max

Nilay Patel

Looks like Navigon's new relationship with Rand McNally is starting to bear fruit -- the company just announced two new GPS units preloaded with McNally Scenic Routes. Both the 4300T max and the 7300T have over 250 pre-programmed routes from Rand McNally's Best of the Road series, sorted into categories like "weekend getaways" and "regional trips." The $279 4300 max (pictured) is the more basic of the two, featuring a 4.3-inch 16:9 touchscreen display, 2GB of storage with microSD expansion, Bluetooth, free traffic updates, and the new MyRoutes personalized routing system, while the $399 7300T repackages all that into a slicker "frameless" case and adds in voice-enabled address entry and control. Navigon will only say Q2 for the 7300T, but the 4300T max is due to arrive on March 9 along with the identical but stripped-down 3300, which drops Bluetooth, traffic, and Rand McNally content to get the price down to $199. Check a pic of the 7300T after the break.

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