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Neowiz Exec VP on F2P market saturation and working with EA

When it comes to the Western market, the name EA will jump out at many gamers far faster than the name Neowiz will. However, Neowiz was involved not only in successful redesigns/ports like EA's FIFA Online, but is also localizing other Western games like Age of Conan. In a recent article with Gamasutra, Neowiz Exective Vice President, Sang-Won Chung had a lot of very interesting things to say about the current state of Korea's free to play market and the business of recycling ideas in the current MMO space.

Among the many topics of discussion, one of the biggest quotes that jumped out at us was the statement that free to play gaming was "like having too many channels on your digital cable, and now you have like 300 channels and you don't know what to watch anymore." With the flood of Eastern f2p games entering the market seemingly daily, we can definitely relate to that feeling. Along with this, Chung also talks about taking MMO ideas from console games, and the difficulty of turning non-f2p titles into f2p games more in keeping with the Eastern revenue model. On top of that, there's also a pretty amusing anecdote about EA's first venture into Korea; well worth the read if just for that story alone.

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