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New EVE Online characters will initially train skills twice as fast in Apocrypha

James Egan

Massively recently mentioned a few of the changes coming to EVE Online through the New Player Experience, part of the Apocrypha expansion which rolls out next month. Of particular interest, or concern, to some EVE players is CCP's decision to reduce a starting character's skillpoints to 50k from the current 800k many existing characters began with. CCP Games apparently hopes to clarify this decision, and thus stave off any torches and pitchforks, with today's dev blog. EVE developer CCP Flatboy writes,"In Apocrypha, new characters train at double speed until they reach 1.6 Million SkillPoints. That is all."

The reason that new characters will get this boosted skill training rate is to compensate for the fact that, for simplicity's sake, new characters will begin with less skills. The New Player Experience is all about reducing the complexity that someone just starting out can find themself mired in, and having more control over how the character develops.

CCP Flatboy estimates that an Apocrypha character would catch up with one made with the current system in about six weeks, and this is without learning skills or implants to accelerate that window. He writes, "The main point here is that this will increase a new player's understanding of his skills. Today it's near impossible to remember all these skills one starts with and how they work. But if you start with less and get most of the skills while experimenting to find your own path, learning about your skills becomes much more enjoyable and you become efficient and useful sooner than otherwise possible."

The players are weighing the pros and cons of this system in a forum thread connected with CCP Flatboy's dev blog "A Virgin Mind".

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