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Trophies: Spelunkers


Like WipEout HD, this downloadable title is large enough to warrant its own Platinum Trophy.

Platinum Trophy

Spelunker King
Earn all trophies

Gold Trophies

Mural Addict
Complete the mural

Creature's Chamber Contemplation
Complete Area 10 in Single Player mode

Creature's Chamber Celebration
Complete Area 10 in Co-op mode

Silver Trophies

Master Cave Explorer
Reach a depth of 10000m

In Memory of the Black Spelunker
Witness the death of the Black Spelunker

Legendary Treasure Hunter
Achieved a high score of 100000

Underground's Next Top Idol
Play Co-op mode online with 30 people

Mural Enthusiast
Collect 75% of mural pieces

Ruined Factory Contemplation
Complete Area 8 in Single Player mode
Pyramid Chamber Contemplation
Complete Area 9 in Single Player mode

Ruined Factory Celebration
Complete Area 8 in Co-op mode

Pyramid Chamber Celebration
Complete Area 9 in Co-op mode

Bronze Trophies

Welcome to the Underground!
Play for the first time

Spelunking Maniac
Play 50 times

Born for Spelunking
Play 100 times

Novice Cave Explorer
Reach a depth of 300m

Pro Cave Explorer
Reach a depth of 1000m

Expel your first ghost

Professional Ghostbuster
Expel 100 ghosts

Treasure Hunter
Achieved a high score of 10000

Fabled Treasure Hunter
Achieved a high score of 50000

Cave Raider
Collect a total of 100 items

The Fastest Man Underground
Earn first place in the race mode

Earn first place in the race mode
Be ranked for the first time

Strength in Numbers
Play Co-op mode online for the first time

Rescue Squad Captain
Revive another Spelunker for the first time

Underground MVP
Get MVP for the first time

Mural Beginner
Collect a mural piece for the first time

Mural Hobbyist
Collect 25% of mural pieces

Mural Collector
Collect 50% of mural pieces

Junior Spelunker
Complete the tutorial

Spelunker Recruit
Complete the first level in Single Player mode

Mine Remains Contemplation
Complete Area 1 in Single Player mode

Gushing Cave Contemplation
Complete Area 2 in Single Player mode

Ancient Ruins Contemplation
Complete Area 3 in Single Player mode

Frozen River Contemplation
Complete Area 4 in Single Player mode

Fossil Land Contemplation
Complete Area 5 in Single Player mode

Illuminated Cave Contemplation
Complete Area 6 in Single Player mode

Lava Cave Contemplation
Complete Area 7 in Single Player mode

Mine Remains Celebration
Complete Area 1 in Co-op mode

Gushing Caves Celebration
Complete Area 2 in Co-op mode

Ancient Ruins Celebration
Complete Area 3 in Co-op mode

Frozen River Celebration
Complete Area 4 in Co-op mode

Fossil Land Celebration
Complete Area 5 in Co-op mode

Illuminated Cave Celebration
Complete Area 6 in Co-op mode

Lava Cave Celebration
Complete Area 7 in Co-op mode

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