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Casio's new EX-Z29 10.1 megapixel compact does WVGA video


It's not HD, but we'll still give Casio's new EX-Z29 props for trying. The primarily bland compact camera (Casio itself describes the shooter as "Sleek & Sturdy") offers up a 848 x 480 video record mode and direct-to-YouTube setting to go along with the 10.1 megapixel sensor, 3X zoom and 2.7-inch LCD. The "Sturdy" camera is 0.91-inches thick, offers Anti Shake DSP for mildly less blurry photos and hits retail this month for $150, available in black, pink, blue, silver or purple. There's another photo of the camera after the break, brace yourselves for all its splendor.

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