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Dave Perry challenges Sony to confirm UMD in PSP 2

Justin McElroy

Wow, son, this s**t just got real. Wait wait, let us get you up to speed with a fictionalized one act play.

Dave Perry, Acclaim COO: The PSP 2 totally isn't going to have a UMD drive.
Sony spokesperson John Koller: Huh? Wha? PSP 2?
Dave Perry, game industry veteran:

Now, DP has gone one step further to extend the beef. He just dispatched a Twitter message (or, as they say on the streets, a "tweet") saying, "John Koller is publically questioning my post about PSP 2. So I confirmed with Top PSP 2 developers. John, state that PSP 2 WILL have UMD." Oh snap!

Dave, how about you stop sweating the contents of the PSP 2 and make us another Wild 9 for it? Please?

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