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Here's the ExciteBox for ExciteBots: Trick Racing


Orange Lounge Radio found (what it identifies as) boxart and a retail game description for ExciteBots: Trick Racing, the apparent sequel to ExciteTruck, and ... well, we foresee some of our readers getting pretty angry -- like the people who expected Monster Games' next title to be an F-Zero update. While ExciteTruck may not have been the deepest racing simulation, Nintendo and developer Monster Games have gone even further in the kid-oriented/casual direction. How much further?

is a party racing game starring animal-shaped robots, in which minigames pop up during races. "You won't believe your eyes when you find yourself shooting goals, throwing pies and even playing poker in the middle of racing robotic animals and insects around off-road tracks," the blurb says. If you were expecting something a bit more ... realistic, this is going to be DisappointBots for you. As for us, 6-player online racing combined with a party game? We're on board.

GameStop reveals a few further details about the game's release: according to listings on the retailer's site, ExciteBots will be sold both in a $39.99 standalone edition and a $49.99 Wii Wheel bundle.

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