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Introducing WoW Insider's Guild of the Month contest

Mike Schramm

Think your guild is one of the best in all of the World of Warcraft? Have you dominated your server since vanilla WoW, or run a packed RP event every week for years? Are you leading one of the biggest guilds in the game, running group after group through Naxx without any drama or wipes? Think your guild is awesome? Prove it!

WoW Insider is proud to present our brand new Guild of the Month contest. Each month, we'll be choosing a guild from the game who impresses us through performance in raiding, originality in what they do as a group, or just plain old community (because casual guilds need love, too). And the winner will not only get profiled here on the site as our Guild of the Month, but they'll also get a $100 gift certificate to, where they'll be able to pick up custom-made guild shirts for the top members of the guild.

To nominate your guild, just send a short message (no longer than 200 words, please) to stating why your guild should be chosen as a winner. Make sure to tell us why your guild stands out from the rest -- you don't have to have conquered all of the raid content, but you do have to be doing something extraordinary and special with your little ingame community. Every month, we'll choose a winner from those entries, and profile them here on the site (so don't enter if you don't want to get profiled), as well as award them the gift certificate from the kind folks at Swagdog. More rules after the break:

Please note: You must be 18+ to win, and while the contest is open to both US and non-Quebecois Canadian readers (sorry Quebec and EU -- our legal department won't let us run this one in your area). Please use a real email to send your entry in, so we can contact you later if we need to, and please send your entry in before the end of the month -- so by midnight on the 31st of March. Full official rules can be found right here.

Good luck to everyone who enters -- we can't wait to find some of the best guilds in the game.

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