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Sony rolls out new AV receivers for 2009


Along with new Blu-ray players and HTIB systems, Sony's bumped up the specs on its latest receivers, including S-AIR wireless audio support on its 7.1 channel STR-DN1000 and STR-DH800 models. The $500 STR-DN1000 has similar features to last year's line, with 110 watts per channel, Digital Media Port, 1080p/24 x.v. Color support, four HDMI inputs and Sirius radio service support, while S-AIR can be added through the $50 EZW-T100 transmitter and $120 AIR-SA10 speaker systems. The STR-DH800 drops the piano black finish, icon driven menu system and $100 from the price of the higher end model, both expected on shelves in June. The STR-DH700, STR-DH500 and STR-DH100 also offer slightly less power, features and HDMI inputs for $200 and $150, respectively, when they go on sale later this month. Hit the read link to get more details on each, there should be something for everyone to like (unless you prefer an ES model.)

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