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Toy Cars DLC rolling into Burnout Paradise this Thursday

Following a somewhat embarassing premature release of Burnout Paradise's "Toy Cars" DLC a couple of weeks back on Xbox Live, Criterion has finally set a legitimate release date for the nine-car pack. Keep an eye on your respective system's digital shopping center this coming Thursday morning -- that's when Criterion anticipates the miniature vehicles will be released upon the inhabitants of Paradise City.

Surprisingly, with two days between us and shrunken vehicular carnage, Criterion hasn't announced the price of the DLC bundle -- though if it matches the costs displayed during February's accidental launch, we can expect to drop 1,000 ($12.50) for the whole kit 'n kaboodle, or 160 ($2) per car, with the exception of the Toy Nakamura Firehawk motorcycle, which went for 240 ($3) during the early release.

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