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Breakfast Topic: Wonderful toys

Zach Yonzon

Toys inside a game. Just how good can things get? I'm a huge fan of toys, you see, so when there's an opportunity to exercise this little obsession, I indulge in it. So when I heard about the toy shop in Dalaran, I was absolutely thrilled. I got myself the Train Set (well, actually, my wife gave me the money to buy it), and proceeded to disrupt every raid I could. Of course, when the train destroyer comes to town, I'm picking one up, too, just to be able to make my own train wreck.

What other toys would you like to see in-game? I mean, Upper Deck's next expansion, the Blood of Gladiators, has a bunch of new stuff for us to play with. Foam swords and a sandbox spectral tiger (just in case you never lucked out or could afford the real one). I particularly like the ball I use to play fetch with my pets. There's just a lot of room to be silly and playful, I can't imagine Blizzard or the clever guys at Upper Deck running out of ideas. What do you think should be next? Gnome boxing balloons? Throwing pies? I dunno. You guys can probably get more creative.

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