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Codemasters wants 'gamer's games' on Wii, finds other publisher strategies 'bewildering'


Codemasters has a couple new execs talking about the publisher's "cautious strategy" on the Wii -- and, by "cautious," they mean making titles that appeal to core gamers. UK General Manager Jeremy Wigmore and Marketing VP Alex Bertie tell MCV that Codemasters "can't ignore Wii," despite the publisher's emphasis on next-gen titles.

Bertie finds it "bewildering" to see what other companies are doing with Nintendo's juggernaut. He expresses that Codies isn't going to make "cheap, crappy ports" and expects the company to produce "gamer's games." Wigmore believes that other publishers constantly going to retail with a "mass-market product" only makes those games become "white noise." It'll be interesting to see if Codemasters retains its thinking about Wii after Overlord: Dark Legend releases in a few months and the publisher starts seeing sales figures.

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