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Examining the potential of Star Trek Online

Brooke Pilley

Star Trek Online may be a ways off but that isn't stopping a legion of trekkies from salivating about Cryptic's new MMOG project. Perhaps they should be eager considering all the past disappointment they've had to suffer. Unfortunately, the world has yet to see a Star Trek themed PC or console title that didn't make make Gene Roddenberry turn in his grave. It seems as if every time a new Star Trek game is released a million voices cry out "Kaaaaaaaaaaahn!" and are suddenly silenced. Wait a sec... is it bad form to mix Obi-Wan with Captain Kirk?

Fear not, fellow illogical humans! has put together an article examining the all the potential awesomeness of STO. Are you interested in land and space PvP (phasers on incinerate)? How about customizing your own ship and deck crew? Perhaps you're a console gamer and want to play together online with your PC friends? It seems like Cryptic may just deliver the dilithium crystal fans have been waiting for. Warp speed, Mr. Sulu.

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