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Square Enix dabbles in casual, still expects more money from core


In a recent interview with, Square Enix CEO John Yamamoto expressed that the company's recent entry into the casual market is an attempt to stay flexible and get a piece of the growing pie. The publisher, best known for RPG series like Final Fantasy, recently went down the casual path with My Pet Shop for DS and -- a little less so, but still noteworthy -- Crystal Defenders.

Yamamoto thinks there is "large potential" in the casual market, but he believes that its core RPG titles will still bring in the big bucks to the house of gunblades. He also states that Square Enix is "actively pursuing providing content away from the core RPG titles." Although Yamamoto could be talking about some internal development -- given recent events -- he's probably talking about the company's likely acquisition of Eidos, publisher of the Tomb Raider and Hitman series, this May.

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