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Toy Bot Diaries drops to 99 cents, is giving away $10,000


Toy Bot Diaries is a fun little series of platforming games with a physics twist -- you probably saw it on those early iPod touch gaming commercials. It features a little robot jumping around levels with a grappling hook and some magnetic boots. If you haven't picked it up yet, now's the time to do so. IUGO has lowered the price on the whole series, and you can get each of the three versions of the game for just 99 cents a piece. At $4, the game wasn't bad, but at just a buck, it's definitely worth picking up.

And that's not all -- they're also giving away $10,000 (and a smattering of gift cards and game codes) for playing through the games. You need to pick up all three games, and then pick up 25 of the "datapad" collectibles from each game, for a total of 75, at which point you'll get a chance to enter your email address for submission into the contest. Getting the datapads isn't hard at all, we're told, and the game is a good time anyway.

The contest ends on Monday March 16th, and IUGO says they're not sure when the prices on the games will go back up, so now's probably the time to get with the playing. No better way to promote a game than make the price cheap and give away lots of money.

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