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Utah game retail restriction bill passes House

HB 353, a piece of Utah legislation which enforces stricter penalties against game and film retailers who sell M-rated and R-rated content to "buyers subject to an age restriction or recommendation,' and which was authored by Rep. Mike Morley and former Miami attorney Jack Thompson, passed through the Utah House of Representatives yesterday by a vote of 70 for and two against. It will now make its way to Utah's state senate -- should it pass there as well, it will go to the desk of Gov. Jon Huntsman to be signed into law, which will go into effect on January 1, 2010.

The bill passed by an overwhelming margin after a number of amendments to the legislation were approved by the House. The amendments were largely tacked on to the bill in an attempt to lower the hackles of disapproving retailers -- for instance, one addition keeps retailers from suffering the harsher penalties if an underage customer lies about his or her age when purchasing a mature product. In response, we anticipate Utah's fake mustache industry to see a threefold rise in revenue during the next fiscal year.

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