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Video: Nyko Wand Wii remote flung wildly in Wii Bowling

Darren Murph

While focused on little gizmos like the Palm Pre at CES, we somehow missed the opportunity to play with Nyko's Wiimote wannabe back in January. Thankfully, the peripheral company was on hand here in Germany with its full lineup, and we dropped in for a few snapshots as well as a hilarious visual demonstration of just how suitable this thing is at replacing bona fide Wiimotes. As you'll notice in the gallery below, Nintendo's version is just a smidgen taller while the Nyko edition sports a covered back that's easier to grip; outside of that, however, the two feel generally alike when held. It should be noted that the Nyko reps had outfitted the actual Wiimote with its backing in order to prevent any unwanted LCD shatterings, and hey, we can respect that. We also threw in a few shots of the Wii Wand strapped inside the now-ancient Perfect Shot gun holster -- for no other reason than to say we wielded a weapon on company time, really.

Gallery: Nyko Wand Wii remote flung wildly in Wii Bowling | 30 Photos

Update: Nyko pinged us to say that the gun we toyed with is actually the newer, more refined version of the Perfect Shot, or more specifically, the Pistol Grip attachment for the Wand. It'll be available this Spring in the Wand Action Pack.

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