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Who needs Wii Fit when you've got Weight Fat?


This item found inside a Japanese crane machine by CAG's CheapyD is about as no-nonsense as anyone could want. Clearly, the title is inspired by Wii Fit, but this thing has no time for "fitness" or "health"-related euphemisms, and no interest in softening the blow.

Weight Fat Checker. It's a foregone conclusion that you are fat, and this device's function is to measure exactly how much all of your winter insulation weighs. We personally appreciate the honesty from this Wii Fit knockoff, whose actual mechanics we don't understand. Is there glass on top of the steering-wheel looking thing? Do you just balance on top of it? Update: as commenters pointed out, it's a body fat monitor. You hold it. That makes sense.

The Weight Fat is completely inspiring us to change our lifest-- oh, it comes with strawberry Hi-Chews! Delicious!

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