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American Library Association goes gaming


Today the American Library Association released its "Online Toolkit for Building Gaming @ Your Library" and with it, a 10-minute video walkthrough of the entire initiative (that we've included after the break). The ALA has been pushing various "gaming in libraries" initiatives over the course of the last two years and this new battle plan aims to bolster an already monumental effort.

The toolkit is comprised of "resources, tips, and best practices" for aspiring libraries to join in the national push and hopes to inflate the current American literacy rate into the triple digits. Rather than simply adding various video games to a library's catalog, the toolkit emphasizes the use of games as a social medium -- championing a variety of board games old and new as well as the Nintendo DS and Playstation 3 in the aforementioned video.

To be perfectly honest, considering the price of gaming coupled with that whole "global economic recession" thing we keep hearing so much about, heading out to the library for games sounds like a welcome change.

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