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BlazBlue throws a beatdown on PS3, Xbox 360


Arc System Works, the folks behind popular 2D fighting franchise Guilty Gear, are planning on bringing their high-def 2D fighter, BlazBlue, to the Xbox 360 and PS3 IGN reports. Currently only available in Japanese arcades, the title is being ported to home consoles in the region, with release aimed at this summer.

Notable additions to the console port include a story mode, with individual stories for each character available. This story mode will offer branching storylines based on the battles you win, as well as the choices you make while playing. Director Toshimichi Mori says the story mode easily offers 30 hours of gameplay.

On top of that, gamers can look forward to online support for battling folks around the globe, as well as DLC, which Arc has planned, yet no specific items were mentioned. The console version of the game will also provide all characters with Astral Heat special moves, which were only given to a select few boss characters in the arcade version of the game.

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