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High Velocity Bowling DLC adds two (stereotypical) challengers

New High Velocity Bowling character DLC is bringing two new challengers to the alley for US$.99 cents apiece. Added today are Bruce 'Flyboy' Fitzpatrick, a "flamboyant flight attendant from New York" who has proven to have "fabulous ball control," and Carmen 'Sordida' Sanchez, a feisty Latina with "a chip on her shoulder" who will "do anything to win, even if it requires dirty tactics."

We'll give you another moment to read those descriptions. Ready? Let's continue. Along with revealing the characters, the PlayStation Blog announced a new add-on pack for HVB called "Jill's Trick-Shot Pack," available March 19. Also, the blog also reminds gamers that High Velocity Bowling is fun for the whole family! Adding these new DLC characters, however, is like moving that fun-loving family into a trailer home filled with asbestos.

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