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MSI Wind NetOn AP1900, Wind Top AE line eyes-on

Darren Murph

Ready for more MSI? Good. Just in case the flurry of other new gear from the company has yet to tickle your fancy, how's about a smattering of all-in-one PCs? The Wind NetOn AP1900 was on hand in Germany, as was the Wind Top AE1900, AE2010, AE2200. Straight up, we weren't particularly fond of any of 'em, with the enclosures looking downright shoddy from a few feet away. Maybe the design team has been too wrapped up in the X-Slim family to care about these guys, huh? On the plus side, the touchscreen on the Wind Top AE1900 was super responsive, but we know you'll only use it for the first ten or so seconds of ownership before reverting back to the tried-and-true mouse / keyboard tandem. The whole lot is shoved down there in the gallery!

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