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One Shots: Skies over Blades Edge

Back when Burning Crusade was the hotness and we were raiding Gruul's and doing dailies, there were many times we looked up into these same Outland skies. While those spikes look pretty mean, they only really annoyed us when they got in the way of our flying mounts. Today's World of Warcraft One Shots comes to us from Cory M, who gives us a little slice of Burning Crusade nostalgia with this image. Cory writes in: Heres a shot I got from when I was waiting for some guildies. I forget where I was unfortunately. It's a very nice desktop pic though.

We love to see screens from MMOs both big and small, but we need you to send them in! It's really easy to do - just drop an email to oneshots AT massively DOT com along with your name and a quick description. We'll post it out here for everyone to check out, and give you the credit.

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