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Rumor: Star Wars Battlefront III goes home to Pandemic [update]


Update: According to Pandemic community manager Mathew Everett, the studio is not currently working on Star Wars Battlefront III.

Star Wars Battlefront III has been jumping developers like a frog on a hotplate. First under development at Free Radical, the title was then supposedly moved to Rebellion. Now that Rebellion is hard at work on Aliens Vs. Predator, the latest rumor has the game right back at square one: Pandemic. The rumor comes from website DarkZero, which claims that it received the news directly from a Rebellion employee.

It would make sense, given that Pandemic was responsible for the first two games. Considering the studio also just pushed Lord of the Rings: Conquest out the door, its Batman title was canceled and the only other project we know about is Saboteur, Pandemic doesn't exactly have a full plate.

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