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EA: Red Alert 3 looks best on PS3, thanks to delay


Since changing its tune about "skipping" a PS3 release of Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3, citing the platform's "exotic and tough" development climes, EA Los Angeles actually says its time learning the ins-and-outs of the architecture has been for the best.

Speaking to 1UP, producer -- and former games journo -- Greg Kasavin claims the PS3 version (the "Ultimate Edition") is the best-looking of the bunch, sporting better water effects and more detailed units. In addition, the "general color palette" is somehow improved. As we've previously reported, the PS3 release of Red Alert 3 is launching with free DLC maps and includes a whole bunch'a bonus material (making-of clips, bloopers and other vignettes).

The moral of this story: Developers can make PS3 perform some neat tricks if they just take the time to get to know it. Sometimes simply over a cup of coffee; other times while tackling one of those team-building obstacle courses together.

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