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Hulu returns to boxee via RSS feed support, in flies App Box and Auto Update

Darren Murph

Before we get you all excited, we'll quote boxee's ending of its announcement before anything else: "This is a bleeding edge release, not for the faint of heart since it didn't go through much testing." If you're the brave type, you're going to want to install the latest version of boxee this instance, as it not only brings back Hulu (in a sense), but it also throws in a boxee application market (App Box) and a much-needed Auto Update feature that will inform you automatically of future builds. So, you're hungry for more on that Hulu bit, right? This version of the application brings along a built-in RSS reader optimized for video, and obviously, it fully supports Hulu's public RSS feeds. Needless to say, we're loving the direction this little app is going, so make sure you give it a go and report back with any praises or complaints.

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