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Intel develops multi-computer display linking, the commercial writes itself

Ross Miller

We can see it now: the four former members of 'N Sync (minus Justin Timberlake) showing up in an HP-inspired television spot, their heads cut off from the frame while they individually sing about what how each of their MIDs knows them personally and proceed to show what they can do in a array of spectacle and CG. Suddenly, they all hold their devices next to each other in a two-by-two grid pattern and the four screens become one as their voices, too, join in harmony -- which is exactly what Intel touts its newly-developed multi-client display linking can do. Except for the harmony part, that's all 'N Sync. In a word? Beautiful. It's all part of Intel's MID-centric "Carry Small, Live Large" initiative. We're not taking bets on whether or not this feature will make a cameo in its upcoming joint venture with LG or any device in the foreseeable future, but it's definitely something's that piqued our interest.

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