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Lots of Hulu content comes to Dailymotion

Darren Murph

See this sense of friendship? We admire it. Rather than keeping all of its content to itself, Hulu has decided to shake hands with online video portal Dailymotion in order to give its viewers access to loads of Hulu material. A newly reached distribution agreement will give Dailymotion's audience "access to an additional 40,000 premium videos from Hulu's online video library, including full-length episodes from major television studios, full-length feature films from major film studios, as well as news and other content from more than 130 content providers." The new videos from Hulu will be slotted into Dailymotion's channels (Funny, Film & TV, Music, Sports & Extreme), and by using the company's own Videowall, Videozap or Jukebox, viewers will also be able to program Hulu content into their own channels and playlists. No wonder pay-TV providers are hastily trying to get in while the gettin' is good.

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