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Rare hints at Nuts & Bolts 'LOG's Lost Challenges' DLC

Dustin Burg

In its own coy way, Rare is teasing that Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts DLC is in the works and that we'll actually receive details next week.

According to a post by the Lord of Games (L.O.G.) on Rare's official website, we're told that Nuts & Bolts "news on potential lifespan-lengthening activities will be incoming very soon" and are given a "LOG's Lost Challenges" image. We ain't no smarty-pants geniuses, but if we had to take a guess at what L.O.G. is talking about, we'd go with DLC that boasts new vehicle building and task-based challenges.

Now that we think about it, the Banjo-Kazooie Contraption Contest Rare held back in December may have something to do with this content. We wouldn't be too surprised to see the winner's creation as a part of next week's announcement.

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