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Rumor: Army of Two sequel called 'The 40th Day'


An anonymous tipster hooked us up with some alleged details regarding the rumored Army of Two sequel. Our source is confident that the sequel will be titled Army of Two: The 40th Day, but we won't know for sure until March 12. Still, there's plenty of solid evidence piling up. We've built our case after the break.

So, here are the highlights of the supposed game info:

  • The game takes place in Shanghai, where a network of PMCs are looking to take over, under the rule of a leader with a hidden purpose
  • Rios and Salem are back, however they've been reluctantly dragged into the conflict and don't have the full story
  • The game will feature moral decisions, a deeper weapons customization system, multiple endings, and even a few followers
  • Multiplayer will be outsourced yet again
  • On the technical side: The 40th Day adds Beast lighting and Fracture, as well as an improved networking system
  • Environmental interaction: some weapons will be capable of tearing through thin walls and obstacles in the game; and new AI scripts will improve your partner's realism (e.g., peeking through windows, taking out enemies silently, etc.)
  • EA will be tossing civilians into the mix, which you can use as meat human shields
Our tipster also provides us with alleged details of the game's first levels:
  • 1st map is the introduction (duh)
  • 2nd map is the invasion; with Rios and Salem escaping from a crumbling building
  • 3rd map takes place in a zoo
  • 4th map takes Rios and Salem to a hospital
Still unconfirmed: How EA plans to execute fist-bumping 2.0.

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