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Rumor: 'Guitar Hero 5,' 'Band Hero' coming this year



"Hello, you've reached Joystiq. We can't come to the phone right now, but if you leave your name and number after the beep we'll return your call as soon as possible."


"Um, hi guys ... it's me again. You know, The Post About Another New Guitar Hero Game. Look, I know you guys just used me for the Van Halen game like an hour ago. Anyway, I just thought you might want me to come back into the office because of this Eurogamer rumor? It's about Guitar Hero 5 and something called Band Hero supposedly coming out this year. There's also another DS Guitar Hero game, apparently. Anyway, I just thought you'd be interested."


"Oh well. Guess they're out 'watching the Watchmen.' I'm just gonna check after the break to see what's on YouTube."

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