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Study: Kids want their folks involved in gaming


A survey carried out as part of Microsoft's "Play Smart, Play Safe" campaign shows 60% of kids surveyed wish their folks would become more involved in their gaming. Of all of the children polled, 47% admitted their parents "never" involve themselves with gaming, which is just plain shocking, but not as surprising as the 47% of parents who admitted they sometimes allow their child to play a game rated for a higher age set.

On top of this, only 60% of the parents questioned say they fully understand the rating system (are you serious?). However, 94% of the parents feel personally responsible for checking, so we guess that's something. In an effort to get the kids and 'rents together for some gaming, we've come up with with titles we think the whole family can enjoy. You can find the list past the break.


Mom and Dad might like playing these games with you*:

  • Manhunt 1 or 2 (multiple platforms): Rockstar's Manhunt games are a series of Where's Waldo-like locales, where players must hunt the man and locate him. It's pretty fun and highly accessible, so the folks should have no problem playing this with you, especially if you're one of our younger readers.
  • Noby Noby Boy (PS3): Your parents will immediately "get it."
  • The Punisher (multiple platforms): You play as Frank Castle, a disciplinarian at Northbrook Elementary School. You're in charge of dealing with the riff-raff and doling out suitable punishments to naughty children. Jeremy put gum in Suzie's hair? Make him write his name on the chalkboard 200 times! Fun!
  • 50 Cent: BOTS (PS3, Xbox 360): Rapper 50 Cent has put down the Vitamin Water and gone hunting ... hunting for treasure, that is! In 50 Cent: BOTS, players take up the role of 50 Cent, rapper turned metal detector enthusiast, traversing the sandy shores of the world in search of lost keys and pocket change. Fun for the whole family!
  • NARC (NES): Show your parents that you're above the influence by playing as one of two different narcotics officers. Amaze them as you use the "politely inquire" command to ask drug fiends to put the needle down and enter rehab. Show your folks you have the makings of a valuable member of society by driving under the speed limit during the racing missions. Equal parts fun and social responsibility!
*We thought you'd understand this is all a joke, but if you don't, it is.

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