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WRUP: Cheating on WoW edition


Another week, another weekend, another WRUP! You may presume that we, being writers for a site called WoW Insider, must spend all of our hours immersed in World of Warcraft, playing, reading, researching, and writing. And I must admit, most of the time, we do. But sometimes, we cheat. Maybe we need a break or a change of pace, but for whatever reason we run off from our beloved WoW to play something else. (Everyone is doing it! Even Ghostcrawler tells us that we should play other games.) This weekend, the cruel siren's song of Diablo II seems to have caught us in its thrall. (And, no, despite the lovely logo above, we don't have access to Diablo III any more than the rest of you poor souls.) After all, none who have heard it can resist.... and for those who can resist, well, that's what waffles are for. Or perhaps pancakes. We can't quite decide.

For more of what the WoW Insider team is up to this weekend -- or to tell us what you're up to this weekend -- read on!

Adam Holisky: I'm going to be rearranging my apartment this weekend and getting caught up on projects. No WoW! Unless I get bored, then I'll WoW.
Alex Ziebart: I've been playing some Diablo II. I might be hanged for saying it, but I've never played a Diablo game before now. I figured I should get a feel for the series before Diablo III comes out. You know, in the year 2025. Necromancers are OP.
Dan O'Halloran: Glorious sleep. And waffles!
Daniel Whitcomb: Well, I've actually been cheating on WoW a bit and playing Diablo II again, what with the announcement of 1.13 and all, but I think I'm going to delve back into the game this weekend and start working some more on my Death Knight's DPS set now that my tank set is about the best it can be short of Naxx drops. I should have the badges for a Mirror of Truth in a few more heroic runs.
Elizabeth Harper: Still heading towards one hundred mounts, one mount at a time! (What am I going to do with all of my free time once I have them all?)
Jennie Lees: Stocking up for Ulduar and leveling my DK in preparation for the next bear nerfs.
Lisa Poisso: AFK as much as possible – but when I'm not, getting my rogue up to our group's first target level cap and heading out to TM to mix it up. (And pancakes beat waffles. Whole wheat and honey, with cinnamon and nutmeg.)
Matt Low: I probably won't be playing any games this weekend. I just might be watching... the Watchmen! Actually I got into the beta for Battlefield Heroes! That game's a lot of fun too! [Editor's note: It's possible we've switched Matt's regular decaf out with the real thing. We didn't realize at the time that it would make him so exclamation-happy.]
Matthew Rossi: I'm starting an underground "Holisky" club where we all wear bandanas and lurk unseen in the darkness outside his apartment waiting for the proper moment to strike. Our battle cry is "WOLVERINES!" even though that's from a different movie. Or I might just raid Naxx 25 with my Tauren and run OS10 and Maly 25 Alliance. Hard to say, really.
Michael Sacco: I'll be continuing Ulduar testing on the PTR over the weekend and watching the entire Deadwood series.
Nick Whelan: The usual. Heading to Naxx with some buddies and attempting to distill Peter Klein's epistemic infinitism down to the key points.
Zach Yonzon: Playing basketball on Saturday afternoon and hitting the gym on Sunday. Not quite the same as cheating on WoW, but it's time away from the game and it's something I'm playing. Aside from that, it's Warsong Gulch weekend! Where else would I be?

So, dear readers, what are you playing this weekend?

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