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Avon teams with Resident Evil's Umbrella Corp. for face cream?


... OK, so this is a joke, right?

Avon isn't serious with the design of its Derma-full face cream, an exact replica of Resident Evil Apocalypse's T-virus. We were astounded recently when we caught the commercial for Avon's product on television, a "skin care breakthrough," delivering "fullness perfected, not injected" for aging skin.

The beauty in all of this is not only does Avon's bottle look like that of the T-virus, but, in the film, the Umbrella Corporation's Regenerate product was also originally intended as a similar skin-rejuvenation cream. We're thinking some young marketing guy at Avon got a big laugh when he got this passed. Enjoy comparing both commercials after the break.

Avon's Derma-Full ad:

Umbrella's Regenerate ad:

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