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EETI to purportedly ship 7- and 12-inch capacitive touchscreens this year

Darren Murph

It doesn't take much to make us happy -- in fact, just mention the word "capacitive" and you're already halfway to winning us over. Throw in "multitouch," and you've got us hook, line and sinker. According to an admittedly dodgy DigiTimes report, Taiwan's own EETI is gearing up to ship laptop-grade 7- and 12-inch capacitive touch panels in the the latter half of this year, and if you're to believe it, that's word straight from company president Mei Tsai. EETI has already begun shipping smaller capacitive touch panels, so larger ones for use in netbooks and ultraportables is just a logical extension of the business. Of course, just because these things ship to OEMs doesn't mean we'll see them right away in commercialized products, but we feel pretty good about seeing a few near-final units at CES 2010.

[Via Slashgear]

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