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WRUP: Raise your hand if you aren't playing TF2 edition


Craig, James, and Lem all have plans for some Team Fortress 2 this weekend, which leaves us wondering... how did all of these FPS players sneak into our team of MMO gamers? We aren't sure, but we've already started making contingency plans. (We'd tell you what they are, but then we'd have to kill you, of course.)

So what is the Massively team up to this weekend?
  • Colin Brennan: I don't think going to see Watchmen counts as playing a game, but it does in my mind. Also: World of Warcraft, leveling inscription and herbalism. It will be long, it will be boring, but it will be worth it and it will be, in the least, relaxing. Maybe some Final Fantasy XI may slip in there somewhere, and, of course, Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition on Sunday.
  • Craig Withers: I'll be giving the LotRO trial a go. Still burned out on WoW for now, but LotRO is pushing my buttons. Probably sneak in some TF2 as well, given the recent fixes to the Spy.
  • James Egan: I'll be playing the new Halo 3 maps with some friends, a little Team Fortress 2 on my own, and of course the Apocrypha content I've seen.
  • Kyle Horner: Once again I'll be stomping around in Age of Conan, which is especially easier to do now that the game never crashes and runs silky smooth on my machine.
  • Lemuel Pew: Mostly playing City of Heroes (time to take down Lord Recluse again) and Team Fortress 2. Otherwise I'll be fiddling about trying to figure out more with Noby Noby Boy, or perhaps dusting off Mirror's Edge again, as the theme song has been trapped in my brain this week.
  • Shawn Schuster: I'll be soaking up LotRO's Book 7 test server for whatever new goodies I can find, aiming for another hostile castle takeover in Mount & Blade and leveling my newly-reborn Runes of Magic character (I'm keeping this class combo this time, I swear!). Oh, also some Rock Band 2, GH: WT, and Animal Crossing with the kiddies. [Editor's note: we're still trying to figure out where Shawn finds enough hours in the day to play all of these games.]
  • Krystalle Voecks: Some of my guild-mates are here visiting for the weekend, so I'll be offline and hanging out with them. Oh, and I'll be heading out to see Watchmen again today, for it is the awesome. If I do wind up playing anything, it will likely be something quick like Rolando on my iPhone.
That's what we're playing this weekend -- but what about you?

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