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Ex-MicroProse founder creates military-focused MMO studio

Shawn Schuster

As more companies develop for the non-fantasy MMO genre, Thriller Publishing of Austin, TX recently announced the formation of Thriller New Media, which will focus on the creation and operation of MMOs, books, movies and other popular entertainment media. Not only do they plan to launch services within the next year or so, but they also plan to create their own social networking platform for all Thriller content. It is said that this content will focus on "military and espionage-themed topics".

What makes this company so special though is the fact that it is created by such big names as J.W. "Wild Bill" Stealey, of MicroProse fame. In addition, the company's President and CEO is Fred Schmidt, who you may recognize from MicroProse, Origin and NCsoft. "We have a number of great game products under evaluation, some already under option agreements, and are looking for more," says Schmidt. "At the same time, we are developing our own social networking platform through which all Thriller content, and much more, will be presented. Look for specific announcements to be made later this year."

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