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Intel's upcoming mobile chips to squeeze 3GHz out of Penryn, bring high-performance ULV to the masses


Yeah, we've had just about all the Atom we can handle, and it looks like Intel's just about ready to help us back away from the difficult choice of sexy form factors for low prices and sexy form for exorbitant prices. Intel is working on Montevina Plus, which will push Penryn laptop chip technology past the 3GHz mark, while subsequently sending ULV chips into the mainstream, showing up in laptops ranging from $599 to $1,000, instead of the $1,500+ premiums they currently usually command -- great news for ultraportable lovers that actually want to get a few things accomplished on the road. Intel also sees 2009 as the year of the nettop, at least in emerging markets, and will naturally be pushing Nehalem all over the place -- with the way chip roadmaps are planned, the economic downturn naturally won't be messing with any planned rollouts for the time being.

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