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Mad Max game adaptation still 'a couple of years' away

If you've long harbored dreams of motoring monstrous automobiles down long stretches of highway in post-apocalyptic Australia, they probably won't be coming to fruition any time soon. Mad Max director George Miller, in an interview with MTV Multiplayer, confirmed that while preliminary work on a video game adaptation of his Gibson-infused vehicular thriller has begun, the finished title is still "a couple of years away."

Miller, a self-professed unskilled gamer, says he sees real potential in making such an adaptation, and in the gaming medium as a whole. He sees the Mad Max game, which he's working on in collaboration with God of War II director Cory Barlog, as "an opportunity to make a novel," noting the evolution of storytelling in games in recent years. We appreciate rich stories in games as much as the next guy, but we hope Miller realizes he also has the "opportunity" to make a badass action game as well.

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