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Rumor: Capcom to announce RE Code: Veronica Wii-make March 12

The rumor mill has been spinning off its axis since Capcom project manager Matt Dahlgren told us that Wii-owning Resident Evil fans will be "very happy, very soon," inciting feverish speculation on what project will instill said happiness. Game Focus' recent interview with Dahlgren might put said speculation to rest -- according to him, fans of Resident Evil Code: Veronica should pay close attention on March 12 for "news you should be very pleased with."

The date that the pleasing announcement will apparently be made coincides with Capcom's San Francisco launch event for Resident Evil 5, a perfect opportunity for the unveiling of a new project -- but is an updated Wii version of Veronica the project everyone was hoping for? To tell the truth, we were holding out hope for a Resident Evil: Survivor remake. Oh, well.

[Via 1UP]

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