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Sony's Vaio P benchmarked in all its magnificent and diverse forms


Thanks to the work of the gang making time over at their Vaio P forum, the folks at Pocketables have been able to compile benchmarks of all the various configurations of the ultraportable. Including the three models available domestically (which all sport a 1.33GHz Intel Atom Z520) and the various 1.6GHz Z530 and 1.86GHz Z540-based machines available elsewhere, this ragtag group of benchmarksters have come to the conclusion that the main factor when it comes to the machine's performance is the disk drive type. "Yes," writes Jenn Lee, "the faster CPUs give the ALU/FLU numbers a noticeable bump up, but it's not as significant as the increase seen between a HDD and SSD." Hopefully this is some small comfort to those of you who are miffed that the 1.86GHz model isn't available in the States. Of course, now that we've seen the Vaino we're so over Sony's sassy'n'classy non-netbook, but if you're morbidly curious the read link tells the whole sordid tale.

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