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Dell Inspiron Mini 10 gets reviewed


Dell's Mini 10 netbook certainly seems to occupy the sweet spot between the company's Mini 9 and Mini 12 offerings but, according to Laptop's review of the netbook, there may be just a few too many trade-offs for some folks. On the upside, the Mini 10 does compare favorably to most other 10-inch netbooks in terms of size and weight, and the keyboard is actually a tad larger than the one on the Mini 12, with it measuring about 0.3-inches deeper and extending right to the edge of the system. Unfortunately, Laptop found that the reworked touchpad was quite a bit more finicky than the one's on its counterparts, and Dell's decision to hold back on some features like a six-cell battery means that it doesn't quite give you the same bang for the buck as something like the Samsung NC10 or ASUS Eee PC 1000HE. Still undecided? Then hit up the read link below for the full rundown.

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