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Patapon promotional game for PC and Mac lets players make own wallpaper


Sony and Spil games have released an official Patapon 2 promotional Flash game for PCs and Macs. The pint- shot glass-sized Patapon experience isn't necessarily for gods of the beat, but it's a nice introduction to the series for those who've never played the game -- and shame on you, if that's the case.

Players are scored and unlock images on the three levels in the Flash game, which supposedly allows them to put together their own Patapon-themed wallpapers. We couldn't get that feature to work, but perhaps it's still having the gremlins worked out. The Patapon Flash game is available March 9-16, so "pata-pata-pata-pon" (rush) and "pon-pon-pata-pon" (attack) it while you still can.

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