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The Daily Grind: Questions for the MMO parents in the house

Ah the joy of kids. Packing lunches, making sure homework is done, an endless round of extra-curricular sports/groups/events, and then there's the ever-present question of what to do for free-time together outside of all of the regular things you already do. Kids love new experiences, so as a parent, you may have considered MMOs as an option of something ever-changing and fun to play with your kids. As there are only a couple of us on staff here at Massively who are parents, our experience is limited to what we and our circles of friends have experienced as gamers with kids. Thus, this morning we thought we'd ask - if you're part of the MMO parenting crowd, do your kids also play MMOs? Are you constantly on the lookout for MMO titles that you and your kids could play together? Or do you keep the kids away from MMOs, preferring to give them console games on the Wii or 360, and instead keep online worlds as your escape? Let us know!

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